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  All members of the Australian Defence Force voluntarily subject themselves to greater risks and hardships on a daily basis, than the general public. Members of highly specialised units such as the Clearance Diving Branch, the Special Air Service Regiment, 2 Commando Regiment and the Incident Response Regiment do so at an even greater level because of the intensity and hazardous nature of their methods of operation.

This was clearly highlighted following the 1996 Blackhawk helicopter tragedy in Queensland when eighteen of Australian servicemen lost their lives during a training exercise. Fifteen soldiers were from the SAS Regiment based at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia. One further soldier was rendered paraplegic and many more were seriously injured.

The SAS Resources Trust (SASRT) was created in 1996, by a group of prominent and concerned West Australian citizens following the Blackhawk disaster. The SASRT disburses over a hundred thousand dollars each year to family and loved ones of soldiers killed or individuals wounded in service.

Although Clearance Divers have been fortunate enough to have avoided a mass casualty event like the Blackhawk disaster, service as a Clearance Diver inevitably results in significant physical injuries often concomitant with psychological injury. An indication of the need is the recent incident where a young Clearance Diver lost an arm and leg in a shark attack. During the branch’s sixty year history twenty Clearance Divers have lost their lives in the service of their country. Their families continue to pay the price.

With the kind support, guidance and encouragement of the SAS Resources Trust a group of former Clearance Divers united to setup up the Navy Clearance Diver Trust, modelled on the SASRT, for the benefit of Clearance Divers and their families.

Clearance Divers encounter many of the same challenges and dangers as SAS personnel in the course of training and operations. This risk occurs on a constant basis during both training and active duty within Australia and overseas. Their efforts are for the benefit and security of all Australians.

The NCDT is indebted to the support given to the Trust by law firm Allens Arthur Robinson, accountants Breally Quill Kenny, auditiors
Price Waterhouse Coopers, website designer Brand&Profile and Kate Geraghty of Fairfax Media for many of the photos used on the site. The Trust also appreciates the help provided by Mr Clayton Scott in designing the NCDT logo.

Most importantly though, the NCDT is greatly indebted to the SAS Resources Trust, for their support, guidance, and encouragement, without which the NCDT would have had a much more difficult path to creation. The continuing support of the SAS Resources Trust and the Commando Welfare Trust represent the best traditions of the ADF and the very close working relationship Clearance Divers, SAS Soldiers and Commandos have had for more than 30 years.

The Trust does not have an expiry date. It is there for as long as there are Clearance Divers. The NCDT is there to provide support RAN Clearance Divers and their families whether they are on operational service or in training.