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Navy Clearance Diver Trust
RAN Clearance Divers
  Posted on the 01.06.2017
Improving Services

Posted on the 15.02.2017
New Chair Elected

Posted on the 06.07.2016
Breakfast with the Hon Kim Beazley, AC

Posted on the 30.06.2016
Work Continues to Support CDs

Posted on the 14.07.2015
New Trustees Welcomed!



The Navy Clearance Diver Trust (NCDT) is a perpetual not-for-profit trust fund that aims to provide relief to current and former members of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Clearance Diving Branch and their dependants, who become deceased, damaged or permanently disabled in, or as a result of, their service or training.


RAN Clearance Divers routinely work in an inhospitable environment, undertaking varied tasks including explosive ordnance disposal, counter terrorist duties and high risk ship boarding’s. The risk to Clearance Divers being killed, badly injured and/or made permanently medically unfit to dive, in the course of their work is high. Sadly, like others in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Clearance Divers are not well compensated through workers’ compensation schemes, or other industry based funds, and cannot access legal chains to remedy this. The NCDT aims to address this.