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News & Events 2011

Posted on the 08.12.2011
Inaugural Meeting the NCDT

The inaugural meeting of the Trustees of the Navy Clearance Diver Trust took place on Thursday 08 December 2012.  A wide ranging agenda confirmed the establishment, administration and function of the Trust.  The Trustees were focused throughout the meeting on their role of acquiring funds; managing those funds; and then distributing those funds to Clearance Divers and their families in accordance with the Trust Deed and with consideration to high level pastoral care.
Planning was commenced on the Official Launch of the Trust in 2012, along with consideration of additional prominent Australian’s to support the Trust as either Trustees or Ambassadors

Posted on the 02.11.2011

NCDT Trust Deed Signing Ceremony

Mr Paul Papalia, CSC, MLA Member for Warnbro, hosted a luncheon and small signing ceremony at WA Parliament House on Tuesday 01 November 2011. The lunch was an opportunity to celebrate the completion of the Navy Clearance Diver Trust Deed, to facilitate the formal signing of the Deed, to introduce Trustees to each other, and to thank those who have helped the NCDT get to this point (including the Trustees, Allens Arthur Robinson, and the SAS Resources Trust).

Posted on the 21.09.2011
Branch Briefings Great Success

From 19 to 20 September key members of the NCDT Steering Committee, including Mr Paul Papalia CSC, MLA (Member for Warnbro), Captain Michael Edwards, OAM, Dr Simon and Mr Ian Milliner completed briefings of Clearance Diving branch members throughout the country.  In addition to a number of one on one meetings, formal presentations were made to AUSCDT Four, AUSCDT One, TAG-E and the RAN Diving school.

The CO of AUSCDT Four commenting after the brief noted that “it [the NCDT] was very well received and is still being talked about!”

Posted on the 31.07.2011
Branch Member Briefings

The Steering Committee of the NCDT has announced that intends to hold a number of meetings in September to engage eastern Clearance Diving branch members in the goals of the Trust.

The meetings will inform Branch Members of the background, purpose, structure, and proposed operation of The Navy Clearance Diver Trust.

Once dates of briefings have been confirmed, Branch members will notified via their units.

Posted on the 20.05.2011
Formation of the NCDT Steering Committee

Captain Michael Edwards, OAM, is pleased to announce the formation of a steering committee to help create the “Navy Clearance Diver Trust”.

The committee is made of eight former RAN Clearance Divers, with strong links to the business community in WA. The committee will help put in place the structure of the Trust and complete the “leg” work necessary to make the Trust happen.

Posted on the 22.03.2011

Luncheon Briefing on the SAS Resources Trust

Mr Paul Papalia CSC, MLA (Member for Warnbro) hosted a luncheon today at Parliament House Perth for key members of the SAS Resources Trust (SASRT) and local WA Business people with links to the Clearance Diving Branch of the Royal Australian Navy. The luncheon was an opportunity for the SASRT Trustees, led by Ms Anne Edwards, to outline the structure and work of their Trust in support of the families of SAS soldiers, injured or killed in the service of the nation.

Captain Michael Edwards, OAM, a former RAN Clearance Diver, has been considering for some time trying to establish something similar to the SASRT for Clearance Divers. The luncheon gave all an opportunity to explore the structure and work of the SASRT and how it could be applied to the support of RAN Clearance Divers.

On completion of the lunch Mr Dusty Miller, the local Business Development Manager for the international marine and subsea contracting group DOF Subsea, threw his full support behind the idea of creating charitable trust to support Clearance Divers noting “that the SAS Resources Trust gives us a clear, effective and professional model to support divers and their families”.