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News & Events 2012

Posted on the 19.11.2012
Sydney Launch - Brilliant!

Thanks to all those who attended the NCDT launch in Sydney last week. The support was outstanding!

An opening address from the Trust Chair, Mrs Sue Murphy (CEO WA Water Corporation), gave some very clear context on why the Trust was a necessary part of our longer term fabric. VADM Russ Crane used his time at the podium to welcome divers, and reinforce the purpose of the Trust.

A silent auction was conducted with some sports memorabilia and Nowell Stewart topped the bill buying a Reds signed jumper, backed by Warren Bishop with a Scorcher's jersey. Paul De Gelder also donated some signed copies of his book and saw some of them in good hands at the end of the night.

Sydney Launch Photo Sydney Launch Photo

The Navy Clearance Diver Trust is a long term project. You can continue the effort of the launch by donating as you see fit at any time by going to the Donations Page.


Posted on the 30.10.2012
Working With Legacy

The NCDT met on Tuesday 30 October 2012. The focus of the meeting were preparations for the Sydney function, and the importance of selling tickets for the event.

The Trust is also working closely with Legacy and looks forward to inviting representatives of Legacy to the next Trust meeting.


Posted on the 01.09.2012
Sydney Launch Announced

View your invitation here.


Posted on the 31.07.2012
Sydney Launch Confirmed

The NCDT met on Tuesday 31 July 2012. The focus of the meeting were preparations for the Sydney function, which was confirmed for Wednesday 14 November 2012. Further Details can be found here.

The Trust is now fully operational, raising and managing funds, and giving considerations to divers in need.


Posted on the 18.06.2012
Official Launch A Great Success

On Wednesday evening, 13 June, 2012 the Navy Clearance Diver Trust (NCDT) was officially launched at a black tie function at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle. The launch was a resounding success with approximately 170 attendees including a mix of serving and retired Clearance Divers and Mine Warfare Clearance Diving Officers, business representatives and members of WA Parliament. Thanks to all who supported the night and made it the successful launch it was.

russ crane speaks


The next function will be held in Sydney on Wednesday 14 November 2012.

Posted on the 14.05.2012
Official Launch Announced

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Posted on the 27.03.2012
Trustees Meet In Perth

The NCDT met on Tuesday 27 March 2012. The Trustees agreed to disconnect the two launches, moving the Sydney launch to the end of the year.

The Trust agreed that it would adopt the Clearance Diving Branch crest as its logo. The work on the NCDT website and facebook page is nearing completion and will be online shortly to promote the first launch event in Fremantle.

The NCDT noted the importance creating and maintaining a close connection with the members of the Clearance Diving Branch.

Posted on the 02.02.2012

NCDT Congratulates Lieutenant Richard Eric Brickacek RAN

The NCDT took the opportunity at their last meeting to congratulate Lieutenant Richard Eric Brikacek RAN, who had been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM).

The Trustees noted that LEUT Brickacek had been awarded the DSM for distinguished leadership in action on 20 and 21 August 2010 while leader of an explosive ordnance team in Kipto and in Shah Zafar in Afghanistan on Operation SLIPPER.

LEUT Brickacek distinguished himself through his exemplary courage, composure, selflessness and leadership in perilous circumstances. On two occasions following fatalities and injuries from improvised explosive device attacks, he ensured timely and effective first aid and evacuations were achieved and he protected others from some of the worst experiences of battlefield action by peronally sanitising the incident scene and recoving fallen comrades.

Posted on the 30.01.2012


The NCDT met on Monday 30 January 2012. The Trustees have continued their work to finalise the set up of the Trust. Detailed planning on the launch and first fundraising event has commenced in earnest.

The Trust recieved detailed briefings from key members of the SASRT. The work of the SASRT to date was described, particularly the pastoral care provided to families of service personnel injured or killed. The NCDT notes, and is particularly thankful, for the ongoing support of the SASRT.