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What is the NCDT?

RAN Clearance Divers have served in all major conflicts since the branch was established in 1951, including Malaya, Vietnam, Gulf War, Somalia, East Timor Intervention, Iraq War and Afghanistan. Clearance Divers are also used in high-risk ship boarding (such as suspected pirate vessels). In the current international climate of a threat from terrorism, Clearance Divers represent a valuable and arguably the most flexible asset of the ADF.
The funds raised by the Trust will be allocated to families and individuals to provide immediate aid and to fill the inevitable gaps in support provided by the Defence, Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA), and other key ex-service organisations. Beyond financial support, the NCDT offers a platform for the Clearance Diver community to access information and resources, while engaging with an approachable and relevant association.
To further support the Clearance Diver Community, gain access the NCD Business Directory of businesses that are owned and run by past and present Navy Clearance Divers. This is placed in the Media & Reports 2020 on this website.